"Wallace Development Company Limited specialises in commercial property development and investment.

Since 1982 we have successfully completed more than 400 property projects throughout New Zealand many of which are retained and managed by our dedicated property management team.

We constantly strive to establish and develop long term relationships with our suppliers and clients and use our 35 years of experience to enhance all aspects of our business and our clients’ property experience.

We look forward to working with you."







Thanks for your support of Rogue Hop Bar – Hopefully something that Wallace Development Company are as proud of as us!

I want to acknowledge the great job your team achieved with us, they were really great to deal with. Always available and responded promptly.

Look forward to a fruitful partnership.

Jeremy Bayliss
Jeremy Bayliss Managing Director Rogue Hop Bar, Napier

The team at Wallace are the best landlords and crew I’ve encountered.

Shelley Jenkins
Shelley Jenkins Director World Travellers

We really appreciate the help we have been offered, and realise how lucky we are in having a compassionate landlord.

Local Tenant During COVID-19

We really appreciate your support. These are unprecedented times and we will not forget the support you've given us.

Retail Tenant During COVID-19

Integrated Energy

Our collective buying power means you can enjoy lower prices for everyday electricity.

It was from this philosophy that Integrated Energy was born. We knew that there had to be a smarter way to procure the electricity supply to each tenancy than the traditional way of each tenant shopping around for the best deal themselves.