WDCL is committed to maintaining the highest levels of health and safety in the workplace.

The welfare and safety of all our contractors, sub-contractors, tenants, employees and visitors is not only our top priority but of paramount importance to the success of our projects and the success of our company.

Compliance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act, its amendments and all relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice is only the beginning of our commitment.

We are continually reviewing, monitoring and developing our operational procedures, maintenance systems and employee training to ensure that all who work with us can do so in the confidence that their well-being and safety will never be compromised.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 requires new more onerous duties on property owners than previously. In particular owners “must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the workplace, the means of entering and exiting the workplace, and anything arising from the workplace are without risks to the health and safety of any person” (section 37 of the Act).

WDCL, are committed to ensuring that we are complying with our duties under the Act, and ensuring the safety of our tenant’s staff and customers. We have engaged an independent health and safety consultant to review our properties and identify all health and safety hazards.

Once this process is complete, we will review these reports and determine how we can remedy any issues that arise. We will prioritise those hazards that pose the greatest risk and require more immediate attention.

Our goal is to ensure that our properties are a safe and enjoyable place to work and undertake business.

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